” Our reasons for joining a 20 group…

Dale Donovan, Donovan’s Auto & Tire Center, Cincinnati, Oh

“When I heard our industry was starting a new 20 group, I was the first to sign up. Our business benefits every day from the management skills and ideas that I’ve learned from my 20 group peers who face the same challenges. There is no substitute for getting together with people who understand your business and work toward our mutual success!”

Robert Huebert, Lee’s Service, Reedley, CA

“The information shared by dealers within the Twenty Group is invaluable. The site visit, the executive discussion, the best idea exercise all give me great tools to apply back at Lee’s Service. I’m looking forward to my sixth meeting to see how other dealers across the country are combating the tire business in this current climate.”

Russell Miller, Wayne’s Tire, Santa Maria, CA

“There are very few meetings which are worth leaving my business. However, the twenty group offers the unique opportunity to meet with 19 other business owners who are in touch with the common difficulties that impact me on a daily basis. The leadership’s facilitation of the interaction provides insights and problem solving that more than compensate for the time lost through discovery of processes that increase efficiency and effectiveness upon my return.”

Kim Sigman, Community Tire Pros, Pheonix, AZ

“My 20 group gives me an opportunity to meet with leaders in our industry three times a year to learn what their “best practices” are and what they are doing in their market that differentiates them. By sharing “best ideas” I leave each meeting with at least one good idea that I can implement in my business. An important part of the meeting is our “brain storming” discussions…this alone is worth the price of admission. We visit the host dealer’s place of business to make improvement suggestions, but I always see something that can work in my business. Last but not least, is the socializing after the meeting where I pick up more good ideas.”

Mike Upton, Upton Tire Pros, Madison, MS

“Brought to my attention by a fellow tire dealer (and Tire Pro) several years ago, this group of peers, which meet 3 times a year has been life changing for myself and my business. For years I had looked for legitimate benchmarks where I could gauge how I was running my business in comparison to other like, successful tire dealerships. I was invited as a guest to one of the meetings and was sold that first day that this was what I’d been looking for many years. What was interesting to me as well was that these were all successful dealers with well run shops but deep down were struggling with the same recurring issues I was. The 3 day event was multi-layered with great ideas from the others dealers, a visit to the host store’s location to give him an outside view of his operation, and deep evaluations of the financials of the participating members. Plus the camaraderie of a great bunch of business folks. If you’re looking for answers to all the critical questions we face every day in our businesses, a Twenty Group is where you can fine tune your company for the ever changing years to come.”

Tom Ceniglis, Tom’s Tire Pros, Abilene, TX

“We decided to join the DSP 20 Group program last September after visiting one of the meetings. The insights, benchmark info, standards to profitability, and dealer interaction has had an immediate impact on my business. The experience in the tire and automotive field of the DSP executive staff is exceptional. If your business profitability has been less than desirable, I highly recommend participation in DSP’s 20 group program.”

Trey Cook, Savannah Tire, Savannah, GA

“I believe that our decision to join The Twenty Group will go down as one of the best business decisions we have made in over 20 years. We are working smarter within our business to produce better results because of the ideas generated within our group. Norm Gaither has a proven track record than helps us hold ourselves accountable for measurable goals we set within our company. I would encourage all dealers to call The Twenty Group for more details and arrange a visit to the next available meeting.”