DSP Exclusive Membership Open To: Tire & Automotive Repair dealers involved in retail, commercial, wholesale, agriculture and OTR business.
-Business profiles are matched so groups can discuss similar issues.

Dealer owners or principals only.
– Members must be decision makers in the business so that ideas can be implemented

Non-competing markets
– Candid, open, honest interaction is the goal without fear of competitive encroachment


A representative (partner, owner, manager) must attend each meeting. Three meetings are held each year, each meeting lasting 2.5 days, with the location determined by the members.
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No Contract Required:

Dealers who join the DSP 20 group must be satisfied with the value of this organization or they are free to discontinue membership at any time.

Membership Overview

Many tire & automotive repair dealers attend meetings where they broadly discuss business issues. However, because they are informal and rarely structured, dealers come away with vague ideas and good intentions but no plan of action. The DSP 20 Group puts structure, financial guidance and accountability into the model. The DSP professional facilitators ensure that dealers stay on topic and come away from the meetings with real ideas and actions to help improve their businesses.

Value for Dealers

  • Peer learning: 20 heads together can help you assess your business practices, share experiences and give advice for successful solutions
  • Financial comparison: you can or we will compare your financials with the group, to discover “what differences” and “why” but more importantly, “how to improve” from experiences shared by participating dealers. We provide a common format to insure specific comparisons of data, ratios, benchmarks.
  • Interaction with industry group; access to professional guidance and experts on topics you need to understand
  • Each meeting ends with a specific plan of action for improvement

Exclusive Membership

  • Owners or managing partners only can join…these are the decision-makers; guests are permitted at the member’s invitation
  • Limited to groups of 20 dealers so maximum interaction and feedback can be achieved
  • Groups are formed from dealers in non-competing markets so interaction can be candid, honest with no fear of competitive encroachment

Dynamic Meetings

  • 3 meetings per year (locations selected by the dealers)
  • The group meets in a “host dealer” city so one part of the meeting is a peer review of the dealer location with feedback for improvement
  • Meetings are 2 ½ days of fast-paced, lively, disciplined interaction

Typical Agenda

  • Financial review & discussion
    • Led by our industry experts: George Kingman, Randy O’Connor or Bruce Hawley
  • Industry news & topics of interest to dealers
  • Guest speaker (optional/ determined by dealer input)
  • Executive Session (dealer directed) sample topics from recent meeting:
    • Automotive practices; best resources, e.g. TPMS
    • Employee issues
    • Health care
    • Marketing ideas
    • Retail pricing
    • Insurance and liability
    • Economic environment
  • Dealer visit
    • All 20 dealers visit the host dealer business and suggest areas for improvement based on their experience and “know how”
    • Dealer can ask for help with specific issues, e.g. remodeling, service rates, employee issues, etc.
  • “Best Idea” competition ($20 per dealer)
    • Required to bring one “best idea” to enter competition
    • 1st and 2nd place winners picked by peers
    • Each dealer comes away with 19 good ideas for business improvement
  • Action lists
    • Required to make an “action list” during the meeting; business improvement items
    • Report to the group actions taken place since last meeting and the benefits/out comes that will improve your business
    • Accountability to the group to take action


  • Monthly fee is $399/month; initial set up for financial analysis is $799.
  • Travel expenses for dealers; each dealer pays their own travel expenses
  • Pro-rated share of meeting expenses (meals, hospitality, transport within city)


    • Peer Learning – 20 heads together to solve your business issues

“I will increase my labor rates by $10/hour after our 20 group convinced me that I was giving away profits.”

    • Best Practice Sharing – Workable ideas and solutions from successful dealers

“I wish we could have these meetings every month because I get so many good ideas…”

    • Financial Comparisons – Monthly reports to benchmark your results

“I just saved enough from one executive discussion to pay for this program for an entire year!”

    • Professional Guidance – Finance, Marketing and Training resources

“After our discussion on how important it was to get rid of negative, non-productive people, I saved $400,000 on payroll expense.”

    • Peer Support – Members hold each other accountable for improvement

“I was able to find qualified techs through the web service we discussed at our last meeting.”

    • Host Dealer Visit – Benefit from peer review and analysis

“I was looking for good ideas to re-organize my shop. My 20 group helped me increase efficiency and reduce staff.”

    • Action Plans – Leave each meeting with an action plan

“I attend many industry meetings but my 20 group meeting forces me to make needed changes in my business.”