DSP Invites Multi-Store Owners to Join New 20 Group

DSP Invites Multi-Store Owners to Join New 20 Group

Virginia Beach, VA, May 13, 2013– Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. (DSP) today announced that a new 20 group will be formed exclusively for store owners with multiple locations. The inaugural meeting will be held in late September or October, 2013 with a host and location to be determined soon.

Norm Gaither’s successful 20 group format has expanded to 6 working groups, predominately populated by single store tire and auto shop owners. He explains why a multi-store group is needed, “Each group has several multi-store owners along with the single store owners. Many of the opportunities and challenges discussed in the group meetings are relevant whether a member has one or 20 stores. However, the issues faced by multi-location owners are sometimes unique and there isn’t enough time in one meeting to adequately cover all of their concerns. We were approached by a few of the multi-store owners about forming a group specifically for them.”

A typical 20 group meeting consists of 2 ½ days of best practice sharing, financial benchmarking host dealer visit and discussions about solving the complexities of today’s tire and auto shop. One of the dominant topics in each meeting is about personnel: health care, motivation, compensation and other human resource categories. These issues are vastly different when a single store might have 10 employees and a multiple store owner might have 100 employees. The 20 group concept will help multi-store owners sort out the solutions.

Jarid Lundeen, owner of Tires Plus with 3 independent locations in the Minot, ND area, tells about the 20 group value, “As a business owner of three tire retail locations it is vital that I always stay in tune with what is new and changing in my business environment. As a retailer, my world is constantly moving and I don’t have all the resources the “big box” retailers have to be on top of all the change. It very important I work with my Twenty Group team on what works best, what efficiencies exist, and how can we as independent retailers remain and prosper in today’s tire and automotive repair world. Working with other tire store owners with multi locations makes sense because we can share ideas on expansion, employee and management issues, and of course profitability, that arise out of owning more than one location.” Lundeen would be eligible to join the new group or stay in his existing group which has mostly single store members. “Either way, it’s a great concept that pays off in big dividends for store owners.”

Multi-store owners who are interested in learning more about this new group should contact DSP (information below). Existing 20 group members who qualify for this group will be given the opportunity to transfer to the new group if openings are available. Meeting details and registration for the new group’s inaugural meeting will be available by July 1, 2013.

Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. offers tire and automotive service dealers the opportunity to share best practices, benchmark against the industry and improve financial performance. Each group allows a maximum of 20 dealers who meet three times a year to help each other improve their business performance. Formed in 2007, Dealer Strategic Planning is the only tire-focused 20 group available in the industry. For more information, contact: Pat Brown, VP Marketing, 419-420-5915 or pat@dsp-20group.com or Paul Chizeck, 910-409-7293 or paul@dsp-20group.com.