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The premise of this group’s success is that by sharing your best practices you not only help other dealers, but you learn from their experiences and successful practices as well. Every dealer faces the same issues and is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to improve business. The 20 group puts structure and discipline into that learning.

You receive a monthly financial report which compares your results to those of group members; a network of dealers who will give you immediate feedback between meetings as challenges and opportunities in your business occur; and continuous access to financial, marketing and operations guidance from DSP professionals.
When a group is formed, a financial workshop is included to start the meeting with immediate help on improving bottom line results. Each subsequent meeting includes a financial discussion to analyze dealer results and suggestions on how to improve the store’s performance.

All costs are identified in advance: Set up fee of $799; monthly fee of $349 plus travel and meeting expense which is determined by the dealers; second and subsequent years’ fee is $399/month. There are no additional costs.

Unlike other consulting groups, the DSP 20 group does not include trips to fancy resorts or social activities. Each meeting is 2 1/2 days of intense business discussions. The one-time set up fee offsets the licensing and the financial template so that it is easy to compare and understand for all participants. The monthly fee pays for the dealers’ financial results to be tabulated and distributed. In addition the monthly fee helps pay for the meeting arrangements, facilitation and professional consulting services from the DSP financial, operations and marketing staff.

Each member is given a code number and all financial reports include only that code number rather than the dealer’s name so that confidentiality is assured. In addition, each 20 group is carefully constructed so that dealers competing in the same market are not in the same group.

It is almost a guarantee that dealers will improve bottom line results by joining a 20 group. If the dealer is earning less than 10% net profit, it is highly likely that he will increase his profit by 2% points in the first year if he is willing to make small changes in his business model. The goal of the DSP 20 group is >10% net profit and many members achieve that and more.

At supplier and industry meetings dealers frequently leave with good intentions but rarely follow through on all of the good ideas to improve their business. DSP 20 group puts accountability into the meetings so that dealers must take action or answer to their peers in the group if follow through is not taken.

Each meeting lasts 2 ½ days and are filled with intense business discussions, peer interaction and financial improvement.

Meetings are held 3 times a year at a location selected by the members. Meeting locations rotate among the members.

While each dealer gets a monthly financial comparison, it is the dialogue and interaction at the meetings which really helps dealers improve their business. Peer encouragement and learning is a key and integral part of the success of 20 groups.

There is no contract required so dealers can join and discontinue membership at any time if they aren’t satisfied with the value.

Yes. We welcome prospective members to attend a meeting to see the value. Dealers who attend as a guest, usually can’t wait to join their own group.

A dealer with only 1 store can benefit from belonging to a 20 group. Typically our 20 groups have dealers with 1-10 retail stores.

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