About Us

Dealer Strategic Planning 20 Group exists to help tire and auto service dealers improve profitability. Our goal is greater than 10% net profit for all members. It’s that simple. Introduced to the tire industry in 2007, DSP 20 Group is the first retail tire-focused 20 group available in the industry. We offer tire and automotive service dealers the opportunity to share best practices, benchmark against the industry and improve financial performance.

Each group allows a maximum of 20 dealers who meet three times a year to help each other improve their business performance. Intense discussions, lively challenges and animated dialogue constitute the 2 1/2 day meetings while the DSP facilitators make sure everyone stays focused on dealers’ issues.

Every month dealers get a detailed financial report which shows their results compared to all group members in a simple, easy to read format. Each meeting, one of the well respected, from the aftermarket industry facilitators guides a discussion on the reports and leads the financial discussions during the meetings. During their combined more than 100 years of serving this industry, DSP’s guidance and advice has helped many dealers turn around unprofitable businesses and take the profitable ones to new heights.

DSP hosts a confidential web site for each group where a library of information is posted for member reference. Financial reports are also posted to the web site providing instant access to dealers for comparisons between meetings.

DSP facilitators are seasoned professionals with vast tire and auto service industry experience. Whether the challenges are financial, marketing, operations or personnel, DSP staff will assist members in finding solutions.